Endorsements (and Gear)

We know our audience and we know that a lot of the people who come up to talk to us at shows are other players who want to talk about gear!  Here is the gear we use and endorse.



ZT Amps

The ZT Lunchbox Acoustic amp is the only acoustic amp we’ll use live!  It sounds great, is as loud as we need, lightweight and flexible.   ZT is a great company that makes great products and Farzad and Scott also use the Lunchbox, the Junior and their Extortion pedal.  We’re thrilled to use their gear.




Yamaha Guitars

After going through a lot of options, Scott uses Yamaha acoustic guitars with KoriSoron.  Currently he uses an APX 1000 6 string and an APX 700 ii 12 string with a specialized B-F#-B-F#-B-F# tuning and string set.

Scott likes the thin line bodies of the APX series, the comfort of the neck and (most importantly) how they sound with the ZT acoustic amp.  He also really digs the LL16s and may be working one into future shows.

Yamaha Amps and Effects

For recording, Scott uses a mix of microphones and direct signals.  This typically involves the ZT amps and either a Yamaha THR5a acoustic amp or the AG stomp.  Both are great units.



Ibanez Guitars

Farzad uses a Ibanez AEG10II Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar for KoriSoron. For most performances he uses a TC Electronic Ditto Looper which is directly plugged to his ZT Lunchbox 200W 1×6.5 Acoustic Combo Amp. His other accessories are D’addario EJ15 strings, Ebow Plus and a 20 year old steel Slide!



D’Addario Strings

Scott and Farzad play D’Addario strings exclusively with KoriSoron.  Scott uses D’Addario EJ16s and Farzad uses D’Addario EJ15s.


Planet Waves

Scott uses Planet Waves cables exclusively.  He also uses their capos and a number of other accessories.



Scott and Farzad both use ebow for additional textures in KoriSoron.

Other Gear

Scott currently uses a small pedal board with a BOSS FV-50 volume pedal and an (ancient) 1st generation AKAI Headrush for looping.  A Radial ABY box and a LR Baggs Session DI are also used.  Cables are Planet Waves.
He also uses modified Fender extra Heavy (or planet wave extra-heavy) picks.


We’ll have more information updated here in the future!!